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Cindy and I have been placing most of our effort into the back yard this year, but I did not want to waste the wonderful sheet mulched beds that we put out front this year. So we did remove the old holly and barberry bushes because they looked quite sickly and old. They were replaced with sand cherry bushes (prunus besseyi), a ground cover of low bush cranberries (vaccinium vitis-idaea) and four leaf clover (oxalis tetraphylla). My Wife was extremely happy that it was all contained nice and neat within the borders of the flower beds, little did she know what lurked deep in my heart to plant more. When she turned her back to me while I reached into my pocket pulling out a single seed destined for her flower bed. Quietly and swiftly I planted the seed without the knowledge of my lovely Wife. One seed into the front flower bed and one seed into the side bed, nobody was the wider. Until they grew. As they started to sprout their tiny tiny leaves, the questions started to surface. What did you plant there, how big are they gonna grow, will they be pretty? The only answer I could muster was, I don’t know. I could not remember what seed I pulled from my pocket to plant, truly I could not. Of course time would definitely prove what I could not at that moment. Weeks went by, the undetermined vine got larger and larger slowly covering the front yard like an invasion of an unknown organism. Only as the fruit started to set where we able to identify the plant and fruit as a Long Island Cheese squash. Cindy was happy to have squash for pies, but not at the expense of her front yard. “What would the neighbors say?”


Long Island Cheese Squash

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