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Little Portion Green – Straw Bale Project

Little Portion Green – Straw Bale Home Project


Saint Francis Earth Literacy Center under the direction of Sister Jane Omler has started Project S.T.R.A.W. Project Straw is a plan to build a passive solar straw bale house this summer on the St. Francis campus, in Tiffin. What makes this house truly unique is, it will be the first certified passive structure in Ohio and the first certified passive straw bale house in the United States. This puts Tiffin on the ‘green living’ map in a way that will bring great exposure to the community and serve as a model for sustainable, natural building.  Great Lakes Permaculture will be providing the Permaculture landscaping design for the Little Portion Green.


Little Portion Green


Details of the Straw Bale House Project

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  1. Lara

    We are looking into building a Straw Bale house in Canada this summer. We stumbled on the power point for the ‘Project Straw’ and were interested in this style with the framed wall and the bales on the inside. A question we had is if there was a blower test done on it and if so how did it turn out especially in the area where the floor joist met the framing wall.

    Thanks for your information.



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