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Biodiesel Project Vehicle Update

I wanted to give you a quick update on the vehicle status and a change in direction for the vehicle. As the Blazer was a military vehicle in it’s original form, I could only assume that all items on the vehicle had been maintained to factory specifications. So the first order of business was to have the Blazer checked out from top to bottom with emphasis on the following items.

1. Replace all belts to prevent breakage from cracked or aged belts.
2. Replace all hoses to prevent blowout from excessive pressure due to cracking belts.
3. Replaced all fluids for coolant, engine oil, transmission and transfer case.
4. Set the timing, check the ignition system and glow plug circuit for easy starting

With the items above verified so I have a baseline on the vehicle, then I can address the simple items that need to be replaced from age itself. The driver door hinges sag, the passenger door is not as bad but I want to replace both at the same time. If you are old enough to remember the movable vent windows on older cars, the Blazer has them. Unfortunately the drivers window has rusted at the bottom of the window to the point that it no longer is mounted to the window frame. It must be replaced. The passenger window is not as bad but heading in the same direction, so it also will be replaced. In the true Permaculture spirit, I looked for recycled parts instead of the high cost of new. I found a wonderful set in Arizona for 20% of the cost of new including shipping. I was very happy. Any additional items are very small, such as adding a light over the rear license plate light, it seems the military did not want to be seen if they were performing covert actions. Go figure!

Now for the bad news, I had the vehicle delivered at the mechanic almost 11 months ago and he has not moved an inch on any of the items. So I am making preparations with another mechanic to start the list of items shown above. More on this later.

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