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Solar Power Car Charging Station

Solar Power Car Charging Station

I normally make a trip to the Detroit Auto Show, partially for the work that I perform as an automotive glass designer and partially for the fun of it. It is always exciting to see the new models, concept cars, and every other thing that someone thinks that the market needs in place of a gasoline powered vehicle. This year was no exception, but I did see a few items that stood out to me. First, almost every major auto manufacturer has their version of an eco friendly car, whether that was a electric vehicle, hybrid, or something using recycled or sustainable materials. Most electric vehicle s had a price tag in the $35,000 range. Everyone was talking performance, miles per gallon as if it really was an obtainable figure on an electric car, and also government rebates. One manufacturer not to be named at this time even tried to tell me how much I will be saving of my child’s future, calling on my sense of dedication as a Father, did I mention there were a few comedians there?

But one company I spent quite a bit of time talking to was not a car manufacturer at all, they were a solar energy installer named Ecojiva. According to their brochure, the name stands for living in harmony with our surrounding environment. I have no affiliation with their company, nor have I used any of their products. But the product they were demonstrating at the Detroit Auto Show was a solar powered charging station for the electric vehicles. My complaint with solar powered cars does not have anything to do with the cars per se, it has everything to do with trading one of a finite energy source in the form of gasoline, for another finite energy source in form of coal to create electric power which charges the electric vehicles. This is the first time I have looked at a company such as Ecojiva that looks toward the greatest energy source we have, which is solar energy.

Ecojiva is almost exclusively commercial applications, so they are not really geared toward residential applications, nor are they interested. But city planners, engineers, administration, and architects should be paying attention here. They have a 12-18 kWp weather tight sealed structure ready to drop in your company or city parking lot, or suburban mall. Take a look at their website or call Bill Wescott their Sales Manager at 248-804-8780 or email him at for more information on this solar charging station. Good job Ecojiva, cudo’s.

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