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My Point in Time with Fungi

I admit that I have a limited knowledge of the mycelium of fungus, but the more I study the more I am fascinated by what it does and what we can do with it. How did I get to the point? What are my plans for the future? Let’s start with how I got to this point, and then the future will seem a whole lot clearer.

Immune deficiencies are more prevalent than in years past, or maybe because we are so socially connected to everyone we see and hear about it more than in years past. But regardless the affliction can be hindering if not debilitating, so to keep the immune system as healthy as possible I started to research foods, herbs, tonics and drinks that would help to support my immune system. Many Homeopathic doctors and practitioners will tell you that there are many mushrooms that have the ability to support the immune system such as Reishi, Shiitake, Enoki, Maitake, and Oyster to name just a few. I wanted to know how to grow them myself, partly because I like to grow unusual things in my garden, also because of the high cost for such products that were cost prohibitive when our children were growing up.

In 2010 and 2011, I spent a lot of my time training as a Permaculture Designer which I thoroughly enjoy. During the training we touched on many ways to increase soil fertility and how critical soil fertility is to our very existence as human beings. Mycelium is a major component of a healthy forest system which has some of the richest soil structures available to us today. The training just whets my appetite for more information. So what exactly do I know? Not much by most standards, but I did know that I needed more information and I wanted it badly.

I was fortunate to have spent a day with Dr. Kenneth Mudge from Cornell which resulted in a greater understanding of forest farming and forest function, we were able to create my very own shiitake mushroom log which will fruit later this year. I have also run into several groups of wonderful people that will support me in my education of mycelium and cultivation, they are listed below.

State or National Groups
North American Mycological Association –
The Ohio Mushroom Society –

Yahoo Groups
Ohio Mushroom Society – ohioms
North American Mycological Association – NAMA_mushroom_cultivation
Wild Mushroom Horticulture – MushroomHorticulture
Mushroom Talk – MushroomTalk

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