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Cruck Straw Bale House

We have talked about straw bale houses before, they are energy efficient and can be easy to build depending on your preferences. I am happy to say that my youngest son Joel is planning a straw bale home in the Nashville Tennessee area. Joel is a recent permaculture design graduate that has a real love for architecture which become evident during the permaculture design class. The extremely wide eyes and erect posture was a dead giveaway.

The search for the perfect land has been ongoing, we spent the past weekend looking at lots and observing the potential for each and every site. Jokingly we discussed the name for the site, Joelandia, Joelopolis, but for the time being we have settled on Joelympus. My tasks are to provide encouragement, and to deliver a complete set of house plans for Joel to use during construction. So we have had many conversations about the house style and performance characteristics. Joel has expressed interest in a unique house design out of the UK which is called a Crucks home, receiving it’s name from the timber frame style called Crucks. The modernized plans will be based on the work of a brilliant UK designer named Brian Waite. You can read more about Brians home at Treehugger or Brian Waite

The plans must be revised to accommodate the size of US straw bale and wood along with state and local building codes. Joel plans to utilize rain water collection systems, wood and solar heat with thermal mass storage, PV solar cells, and composting toilets. We will share the details of the plans as they develop. With personal and professional regard – Vince

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