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  1. Catherine Alvarez

    Hi Vince, My name is Cate and I live in Berlin Heights. I am interested in potentially setting up a consultation for an existing home on two acres. I’d love to hear a little bit about what is entailed and your usual rate.

    I am a semi new gardener, I’ve been dabbling here and there for about ten years and though life kept me too busy to truly dig in beyond a few raised gardens, I’ve been researching permaculture, edible landscaping, and xeriscaping and I’m so excited to see that there is someone in Ohio of all places who is well versed.

    I’m so used to getting so excited about an idea that is fifteen years old to the rest of the world and finding that no one in the State of Ohio knows or cares about that newfangled stuff. 🙂

    I’d love to talk to you. My number is 419 540 0003, or if it’s more convenient, you can email me. Thanks! Cate


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