Great Lakes Permaculture

Reduce Water Runoff, Plant More Plants

Responsible water stewardship is an important topic that many people have not considered. Recently the Natural Resources Defense Council rated Ohio worst in the nation for water quality, worst in the nation. This is one distinction I do not want to be saddled with. So what happen around a typical residential home that effects water quality. That’s easy, water runoff and increased plants and trees.

If you look at most homes, they purposely run down spouts to move the rain water away from their homes and basements, and out to the street so the water can quickly be taken away by storm sewers and street side curbs. This is one problem. That runoff is washing salts, oils, chemical fertilizers and pesticides out into our water treatments systems, rivers and streams and into our lakes and major waterways. We should be directing the water where it is needed, slowing the water down so it can be absorbed into the ground, watering our plants and trees and insuring reduced water runoff and water purification at the same time.

Increasing the amount of plants absorb more storm water and act as filters that reduce the harmful effects of fertilizers, pesticides, pet waste, and petroleum products from automobiles and power equipment. The plant root systems also reduce erosion by gripping the soil, a single rhubarb plant can provide a root system eight feet deep and six feet in diameter.

When considering landscaping or home remodeling, contact us to help determine what simple changes can be made to ensure improved water retention without structural degradation, improving water quality, and create a healthy environment for your family and neighborhood.

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