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A Silent Killer In Your Home

EMF or electromagnetic frequencies are around us every day, from the minute you pick up a hair dryer in the morning to the time you set the clock radio for your alarm at night, our bodies are assaulted with various radio wave frequencies that disrupt our cellular communications, as well as interfere in DNA, RNA. What is it, what does it do, and what we can do to protect our family.

Unless you are living in a tent on a deserted beach, every home has access to some form of electricity or electrical circuits. The electrical circuits and devices used will create hotspots within the home; another name for hotspots would be pollution. Common sources of EMF pollution or hotspots are poorly grounded wiring, microwave ovens, internal and external power lines, circuit breakers, televisions and computers and other electronic equipment. Limited exposure to EMF within the home is reputed to provide symptoms which include sleep disorders, dizziness, heart palpitations, vision problems, headaches, high blood pressure, skin symptoms, like facial prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pains and muscle aches, foggy thinking and difficulty in concentration, depression, digestive disorders, infertility, breast cancer or cancer clusters which have been linked to high exposure rates, leukemia in children, and a general feeling of uneasiness. The most susceptible are children living within our homes.
Extremely low frequency (ELF) frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz, and corresponding wavelengths from 100,000 to 10,000 kilometers have been linked to childhood leukemia. For neurodegenerative diseases and brain tumors, the link to ELF fields remains uncertain. Typical sources of ELF include power lines whether commercial or residential, and electric engines in cars, train, and city commuter trams.

Intermediate Frequency Fields (IF fields) frequencies between 300 Hz and 100 kHz are produced by the following types of equipment, anti-theft devices such as those used at the entrance/exit of retail stores, electric engines, and badge readers, welding devices, induction heaters, and Clinical MRI devices. The type of response to IF field frequency depends on the type of field, electric or magnetic, and the frequency they emit. Well known biological effects are nerve stimulation at low frequencies and heating at high frequencies.

Radio frequency (RF fields) frequencies from 100 kHz – 300 GHz are produced by broadcasting and television equipment, mobile telephones, microwave ovens, radar, portable and stationary radios, and mobile radios. Biological effects can range from heating of the body to electrostimulation categorized as RF shock and burns. A shock or RF burn is an electrostimulation which occurs when you come into contact with either an RF radiator or a re-radiator, usually some type of antenna. Perhaps the most vulnerable organs are the eyes. The eyes have virtually no blood flow that can provide cooling from other parts of the body, and their dimensions make them very good antennas at microwave frequencies.

What can you do to reduce EMF filed within the home, become intelligent about what you use in your home? We are creature of comfort, we want multiple televisions, computers, tablets, cell phones, wireless routers, and they all emit some form of radiation that our bodies absorb every day. You can purchase a device to measure the levels of radiation within the home. Speaking from experience, I was loaned a device for testing, the TriField Model 100XE meter which is a very simple hand held device with a price point around $150. The model 100XE measures the magnetic, electrical, and radio wave fields in a simple hand held device. You can carry it from room to room, attic to basement and test everywhere in your house and your neighbor’s house. Our goal is to alert everyone to this potential danger which has the greatest risk to our children because of their developing bodies and acceptability to frequency stimulation. I have no affiliation with this company, but I have found the device to work very well and it is simple to operate, turn a single knob to determine what type of filed you want information on and read the meters scale, that’s it. The first thing I tested was the wireless router, my goal was to make sure that the levels within my home were less than 3 milligauss, which appears to be level at which bad things happen to our bodies. Lower is always better in this type of test.

I worked from room to room; checking in the center of the room and also along all walls. The results were startling and disturbing; multiple areas in my home were not under the 3 milligauss range. In fact, several areas of my home were pegging the TriField meter at 100 milligauss, so high that a final reading cannot be determined because the meter did not go high enough. After much deliberation and discussions with multiple professionals, it has been determined that although our electrical ground meets current city and state codes, it is the culprit. You see we have a ground wire running to our plumbing and also to an outside single ground stake. The plumbing is suspected of acting like an antennae, reradiating the electrical and magnetic fields at an extremely high level through our entire house. By placing 3 ground stakes outside at a specific distance from each other, we will be allowed to remove the ground wire from our plumbing and hopefully reducing the harmful levels below the 3 milligauss level.
I never would have found such a problem without the use of the TriField 100XE meter, thank you for lending me this device Joel Kirchner. Below I have listed additional items which can help to reduce EMF pollution and increase your families’ health.

1. Have the home checked for unsafe levels of electromagnetic radiation particularly in the children’s bedroom and play areas or consider the purchase of a TriField meter or similar device to perform your own testing. This is something all home associations should have available to their homeowners. This also would be a good shared purchase between neighbors.
2. Never allow a young child to use a cellular telephone or a cordless phone.
3. Make sure that all beds in use at night have zero electric field exposure and magnetic field exposure no higher than 0.2 to 0.3 milligauss.
4. Never sleep in a bed with an electric heating pad, electric blanket, or waterbed heater plugged in to a wall outlet.
5. Stand at least 3 feet from an operating toaster, electric hot pot, microwave oven, electric stove, electric oven or toaster oven when immediate attention is not required.
6. If cordless devices must be used, recharge them at night and locate the charging units away from bedrooms.
7. Limit the use of cellular phones within the home.
8. Because of high levels of electromagnetic radiation and long periods of exposure, do everything possible to the home computer and workstation to reduce risks from electromagnetic radiation.
9. Remove cordless telephones from bedrooms and replace them with corded units and use battery operated clocks and radios.
10. Avoid using wireless connections for computer equipment.
11. Never use a laptop on your lap while it is using AC power.
12. Remove all 2 prong electrical plugs and devices, replacing them with 3 prong grounded receptacles and plugs.
13. Pregnant women should not expose the fetus to unhealthy levels of electromagnetic radiation as a result of their use of cellular telephones, wireless devices, computers and kitchen appliances.
14. Arrange bedroom furniture such that no member of the family sleeps with the head of the bed on a wall that is opposite to an electric panel, electric meter, refrigerator, freezer, television, computer, air conditioning unit or any other device that produces electromagnetic radiation during sleeping hours.

Vince Kirchner, a certified Permaculture instructor and an Ohio State University Master Gardener, is owner of Great Lakes Permaculture, Tiffin.

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