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Bruce Charles ‘Bill’ Mollison 1928-2016, Co-Founder Of Permaculture

Bill Mollison

Bill Mollison

It is with deep regret that I write of Bruce Charles “Bill” Mollison’s passing from this earth. I never had the personal pleasure of meeting Bill, this is one of the rare joys I will never be able to experience now. But I can say that Bill’s work with Permaculture and people in general have left a profound impact on my life and the people around me. If I tried to provide additional details, my words would be shallow in comparison to the words from a life long friend in Graham Bell, I encourage you to read them directly from PDF on Graham Bell’s website and reposted at Permaculture (UK).

According to Kootenay Permaulture: Word has come through as a message from Bill’s family that ‘He wanted everyone to plant a tree when he passed.’ If you decide to do that, please spread this hashtag to accompany any photos of you or your friends planting your tree #PlantedforBill.

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