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Vince Kirchner

Everyone has a story to tell about his life and how these experiences made an impact in the future. Vince Kirchners earliest memories are about summers spent on his grandparents farm in a small town called North East, just past Erie PA. It was a place of adventure, hard work, and learning.

Vince’s Grandfather Gust grew grapes for Welchs grape jelly, while his Grandmother Palma tended to the family garden. The grandchildren were always warmly welcomed to the farm by his grandmother, including oldest grandchild, Vince, the minute they pulled into the stone driveway. “If I was not spending time with Gus tying up the grapes, picking up rocks in the field, or playing at the nearby creek, I would spend afternoons with my Great Grandfather Erasmo learning about nature”, recalls Vince. “Erasmo and I would walk around the farm stopping to pick chamomile for tea, rose hips for our vitamins, and other herbs which would be dried. Then we would grind grain and seeds for his homemade bread. He would also show me wildlife habitats where deer, quail, and pheasant would call home. All of the experiences mentioned about would stay with me for the rest of my life.”

All of these experiences helped Vince to identify his strengths, which revolved around art, engineering, science, and design. His first job was a Draftsman, then Mechanical Engineer, and ultimately a Design Manager. As a Design Manager, he works with many groups of people completing large and small projects, from start to finish, with an attention to detail. His training includes CAD and CAE software, Design of Experiments, and a Green Belt Six Sigma certification, including optical simulation.

Years later, Vince began seeking a way to incorporate the core values he learned at his grandparent’s farm, combined with his knowledge of engineering and design, to bring even greater meaning to his life, his family and beyond. His search led him to become a Permaculture Designer. Permaculture is a design system, which has a code of ethics:

Care for the earth
Care for the people
Share the abundance

Vince received his Permaculture Designers Certification in 2010, followed by his Permaculture Teaching Certification in late 2011, while also qualifying as an Ohio Master Gardener. “I now have the knowledge to help restore the earth and to help people, which gives me great joy. Together we can create an abundance to share with others.”

Vince welcomes emails and phone calls about your specific areas of interest and how he can work with you. He can be reached at or by calling 419-937-5978.

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